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We feel the key to obtaining the highest possible price in the shortest period of time for your property is to identify and target specific buyers that fit the subject real estate and are probably located close or within specific geographic areas throughout the metropolitan and regional market. Target marketing, together with follow-up personal contact, has the greatest potential for identifying the highest number of prospective buyers.  This direction will be the heart of the marketing plan along with the other normal marketing concepts such as bulk mailing, internet listing on various listing services, and e-mail networking.
In determining value, we will review and record all the technical data on the property as the first step in the process of preparing a market valuation.  The information will then be used by one or more of the below listed approaches best suited to your needs.
  • Valuation of Property
    • Cost Approach
      • Land and Building Cost
      • Depreciation
    • Income Approach
      • Comparable Rents and Expenses
      • Market Capitalization Rates
    • Market Approach
      • Comparable Sales
A detailed and comprehensive marketing plan, an effective market valuation and the efficient implementation of that plan are critical to the successful completion of the sale process. The marketing plan will result in a timely and profitable disposition of the property.
After a qualified prospective buyer is found, negotiations will begin and we will guide you through all conditions necessary to close the purchase of the property.
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