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We feel the key to obtaining the highest possible rental in the shortest period of time for your property is to identify and target specific companies of appropriate size and compatible business activity that fit the subject real estate and which are located within specific geographic areas throughout the metropolitan and regional market. Target marketing, together with follow-up personal contact, has the greatest potential for identifying the highest number of prospective tenants.

First we will review and record all the technical data on the property for the purpose of preparing a lease rate analysis. We will analyze the rates of comparable leased and offered for lease properties to establish a Range of Lease Rates and a Rental/Probability Analysis for the subject property.

We will then develop and implement a marketing plan covering all avenues of media until a qualified prospective lessee/s is found. We may then begin the negotiation process.

We will manage the negotiations of the lease rate, terms and conditions of the lease to the mutual satisfaction of you and tenant. A lease agreement will be drafted, reviewed and executed by the parties.

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