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A broad overview of our capabilities includes:
  • Concept drawings of project
  • Providing budget cost evaluation to determine feasibility.
  • Site selection and evaluation
  • Financing Options
  • Securing City and government approvals for the development process
  • Pre-construction services
  • Preparation of a sample floor plan and review of construction documents including finalized architectural plans, details, mechanical and electrical plans and specifications.
  • Reviewing building systems to meet the user's requirements examining design to ensure the feasibility of construction and availability of materials selected.
  • Selecting construction contracting method (turnkey, design/build, cost plus fixed fee, lump sum, unit price, multiple contract, or single prime contract) based on the prospective user's cost requirements and time available to construct.
  • Choosing appropriate contractors for bidding.
  • Clarifying and qualifying bids.
  • Coordinating and scheduling of work to achieve and maintain overall project schedule, and working with local governmental agencies to ensure code compliance


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