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We, subject to your input, will establish the real estate criteria which will be used to identify and select the best available properties. A detailed breakdown of operational and economic real estate requirements will be developed to aid us in finding a suitable property for you.

We will then research the market and prepare a market survey of all properties which meet your criteria. This survey is the basis for your selecting the most qualified properties.

After the most qualified prospective property is selected, you, with our assistance, will establish the terms and conditions of an offer to purchase the selected property. The offer to purchase is negotiated and eventually the final purchase/option agreement is drafted for execution and control of the property.

At this time we can help you with any concerns regarding future real estate needs that are a result of the move. These needs and requirements will be identified, analyzed, and the appropriate solution implemented in a timely fashion. This will include disposition of existing real estate and for the leasing of expansion space in the new facility if available.
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